Friday, August 8, 2008

Dishy 20.10

Well.. It's my birthday and I'm not too keen. Normally, I'm SUPER pumped for birthdays, but not this year.... boo....

Anywhoodle. The Dishy buzz as of late? Just makin cards! Everything else I make is ridiculously time consuming. And all summer, things haven't been selling. So. I might as well go back to my roots (the WHOLE reason why I started to craft was because I love stationery and would one day love to be in the New York National Stationery Show.) So I've been illustrating and making real beautiful patterns and really fun colour palettes. I'm making card sets with stickers and other surprises instore so I'll definitely have to post them when they are done. (Well some of them are done, but I don't have pictures.)

I still feel like the only people who read my blog are the stinkers who spam me. So, if you aren't a spammer, thanks for stopping by.

I'll be back at the farmer's market at the end of august. Busy month this month.
Don't forget to head to the MAKE IT show in September to see the lovely 'Twee' and to the Stop and Shop at Christmas time, with yours truly. I'll be selling my plushies in ornament form (c'mon! you gotta love that.) so stop by and bring me those cookies.

Cheers, xox MsD.


Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday, Miss!
(From Gadgetgirl - sorry, the cheryltony thing is all I have for Google login, hehe!)

Cheryl said...

baaahahaha - okay so it's late.
I saw the 20.10 and assumed today, Oct.20

Tai said...

Hi there,

I found a link to your blog at stop and shop show website and got really amazed about your work. I think it is really expressive and sophisticated.
I would love to have this link in my page if it’s ok by you. Here’s my link for your consideration to post it in yours.

Thank you