Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I've been away for awhile. Yes, I know, I'm letting everyone down. OK, probably just Crystal - because she's the only one who has been reading my blogs.

I've been on a bit of a Dishy break, it was getting to the point where I wasn't really happy with Dishy, and I didn't know what her direction was. Right now everyone is having babies (sans dishy) so I've been doing baby things mostly. But I was commissioned to do some wedding cards for a friend of mine, and I have been doing more and more illustration lately.

This year I probably won't be doing markets until Christmas. But my new website will have shopping on it so you can get my stuff on etsy as well as at (don't mix that up with that's a porn site.

I have many photographs too, so I've been working in different mediums a bit.

I have tons of new cards and am trying to find a letterpress to get them printed. That is a big goal this year - to have my stuff letterpressed. If you know of a letterpress printer, let me know at

Alright. Looking forward to getting back into things. See you soon at a Starbucks near you - (I've recently discovered something to drink there, the Passion Iced Teas.)

Cheers, Dishy.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dishy 20.10

Well.. It's my birthday and I'm not too keen. Normally, I'm SUPER pumped for birthdays, but not this year.... boo....

Anywhoodle. The Dishy buzz as of late? Just makin cards! Everything else I make is ridiculously time consuming. And all summer, things haven't been selling. So. I might as well go back to my roots (the WHOLE reason why I started to craft was because I love stationery and would one day love to be in the New York National Stationery Show.) So I've been illustrating and making real beautiful patterns and really fun colour palettes. I'm making card sets with stickers and other surprises instore so I'll definitely have to post them when they are done. (Well some of them are done, but I don't have pictures.)

I still feel like the only people who read my blog are the stinkers who spam me. So, if you aren't a spammer, thanks for stopping by.

I'll be back at the farmer's market at the end of august. Busy month this month.
Don't forget to head to the MAKE IT show in September to see the lovely 'Twee' and to the Stop and Shop at Christmas time, with yours truly. I'll be selling my plushies in ornament form (c'mon! you gotta love that.) so stop by and bring me those cookies.

Cheers, xox MsD.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Home again home.

Well, I'm back! It was great. Hope the girls had a great weekend at the Farmer's Market.
Heading back to reality is a little daunting. But. New stuff to make, bought some beads and stuff.
See you soon. 

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Is Miss Dishy Hard at work?
Um.. No. She's going to Costa Rica to meet Mister Dishy.
She'll be back soon. Meanwhile, check out Jam books and Crystal Driedger Illustration at the Downtown Farmer's Market June 21.
She'll be back in time for Jill's wedding, and back in time for more shinnannigins late june. So don't miss out!

tanning-ly yours, Miss D.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


well. The Highlands Street Festival was a really fun show. We got to hang out with great vendors again (the Twee girls are always good for entertainment), and my new tent is SOOooooOOO fabulous. When it rained, miss dishy wasn't ruined like with the last tent.

I've decided to only sell my button magnets and my glass magnets from now on, mostly because the rare earth magnets (As strong as they are) still like to jump ship when you reverse it's poles. (Not all the time, but the odd one out of every batch. But the odd one is still too much for me.) So. I'm revamping the button magnets as we speak and I'll be alot happier in the end.

Soo. Dishy spent the rest of sunday (After sleeping in from Greg's really terrific birthday party) at Ikea finding ways to organize the studio. I ended up buying this really great set for organizing... but Miss Dishy does not look organized. It looks like a scrap yard at the moment. And it's so overwhelming, I don't even want to go in that room. So. I dunno when my house will look like an Ikea room, but it's definitely not organized.

Cheers .m.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


So, I am always complaining about never finding cool fabrics. Yes we have stores around town. but No, I don't think many of the fabrics are very cool. I found these, which I made into magnets, which everyone told me to make into pendants, and I'm sure if I made them into pendants people would say, you should make those into car seat covers or something. I still have no wheres to do my silver smithing, but when I do, I'll probably make some pendants or something. Right now my studio space is cramped enough, and now that I bought my uber fancy large format printer (I did! a canon pixma9000) I can't fit anything anywhere. I don't even have a table for the markets now. I'll just balance my stuff on my knee and tell people not to touch it unless they buy it.

I've yet to figure out my printer, it prints vector at 72dpi which in the design world makes no sense at all. But the photographs are lovely. I'll be selling those soon enough. My dream is to sell my illustrations though.

I did add some cards to my "Dishy-nery" line this week at the Stop & Shop. Most people giggled, which always makes me happy. I had one lady look quite offended, but maybe she sleeps around lots. (The card was about sleeping around lots.)

Anywhoodle. I'm uploading my new website. So check it out
Other than that, I'm feeling bad for my dad because he broke his finger and mangled it all crazy. So have good thoughts for Billy Blast today!

oh and if anyone has seen Mister Dishy in central america tell him I say hi and maybe he should shoot me an email to make sure he's alive and not blistered.

xx Miss D.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

doin stuff.

Well today was officially my day off since the past two weeks (well, three really) have been Super hectic. Doing the Stop & Shop was a little hectic, but was so lovely to sit and chat with the Twee ladies all weekend. They're heading to New York and San Fran (I love San Fran) for the Renegade Craft Fair. If you are anywhere near, stop by! It should be an amazing event.

Today, I slept in, enjoyed a grilled cheese sandwich, and updated the miss dishy website. To be uploaded tomorrow. Since I've heard that people actually read my blog, I'd like to be a little more diligent on updating it. (I'd like to not be a slacker in this respect.) so. tomorrow I'll be uploading pics and updating thingers.

Later gators.