Sunday, May 25, 2008


So, I am always complaining about never finding cool fabrics. Yes we have stores around town. but No, I don't think many of the fabrics are very cool. I found these, which I made into magnets, which everyone told me to make into pendants, and I'm sure if I made them into pendants people would say, you should make those into car seat covers or something. I still have no wheres to do my silver smithing, but when I do, I'll probably make some pendants or something. Right now my studio space is cramped enough, and now that I bought my uber fancy large format printer (I did! a canon pixma9000) I can't fit anything anywhere. I don't even have a table for the markets now. I'll just balance my stuff on my knee and tell people not to touch it unless they buy it.

I've yet to figure out my printer, it prints vector at 72dpi which in the design world makes no sense at all. But the photographs are lovely. I'll be selling those soon enough. My dream is to sell my illustrations though.

I did add some cards to my "Dishy-nery" line this week at the Stop & Shop. Most people giggled, which always makes me happy. I had one lady look quite offended, but maybe she sleeps around lots. (The card was about sleeping around lots.)

Anywhoodle. I'm uploading my new website. So check it out
Other than that, I'm feeling bad for my dad because he broke his finger and mangled it all crazy. So have good thoughts for Billy Blast today!

oh and if anyone has seen Mister Dishy in central america tell him I say hi and maybe he should shoot me an email to make sure he's alive and not blistered.

xx Miss D.

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