Tuesday, June 3, 2008


well. The Highlands Street Festival was a really fun show. We got to hang out with great vendors again (the Twee girls are always good for entertainment), and my new tent is SOOooooOOO fabulous. When it rained, miss dishy wasn't ruined like with the last tent.

I've decided to only sell my button magnets and my glass magnets from now on, mostly because the rare earth magnets (As strong as they are) still like to jump ship when you reverse it's poles. (Not all the time, but the odd one out of every batch. But the odd one is still too much for me.) So. I'm revamping the button magnets as we speak and I'll be alot happier in the end.

Soo. Dishy spent the rest of sunday (After sleeping in from Greg's really terrific birthday party) at Ikea finding ways to organize the studio. I ended up buying this really great set for organizing... but Miss Dishy does not look organized. It looks like a scrap yard at the moment. And it's so overwhelming, I don't even want to go in that room. So. I dunno when my house will look like an Ikea room, but it's definitely not organized.

Cheers .m.

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